Welcome to Redfish PAC

Redfish Clothing

The Redfish PAC has limited stock of Redfish T-Shirts, Hoodies and Toques printed locally at an affordable price

Grocery Cards

The Redfish PAC grocery card program is a fantastic was to support the school at no additional cost to parents

Plant Fundraisers

Plant and seed fundraisers operate in throughout the school year - check the link below to learn more

About Redfish Elementary School PAC

The Redfish PAC is a continually changing group of parents and volunteers who work to provide Redfish Elementary students, teachers and parents with additional support to make the Redfish learning experience the best it can be. PAC initiatives include fundraising, family events, after-school activities and equipment and resource acquisition to name a few.

Please email redfishpac@gmail.com to consent to receiving emails from the PAC